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@laExpe @tuttle
I was pointed at this, which is quite exactly what I wanted!
(changing 37 for 36/38/39/310 goes to the corresponding python version :-)

So, I'm fairly proficient at Python, but learned it back in 2.2/2.3 or so and kept up until about 3.5. Lately I have the feeling that 3.7 and particularly 3.8 are game-changers.
Are there any resources to re-learn modern , but assuming that one already knows it?
Just don't feel like going through all the changelogs and PEPs >,<.

@titi I vet aquí, el canvi que cal a Lektor mateix per tal de fer servir md2gemini amb el plugin:

Si aneu a gemini:// veureu que el resultat de les entrades de blog és molt més decent ara i molt més correcte per !

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Ahir vam estar amb la @titi jugant amb Lektor ( per fer-lo servir com a generador de càpsules de .

El resultat? Avui he publicat i gemini:// (funcionant en :-D)

Això de què va? doncs amb una única font de veritat estic generant ambdós: el meu web estàtic i la càpsula de gemini. Fent canvis molt menors al que faig servir des de fa anys.

I'm unsure if the cluster managers lurk around here, but they should be aware of after Phacility announced they discontinued Phabricator development.
It's looking like a nice bunch of humans to give some continuity to the project :-).

Timing might be off but… I'm a tad surprised at just how little I notice Facebook, Google, Amazon or Microsoft having outages.
I basically get told the outages happened.

I am the tech support I'd like to have.

Literally, re-reading an email I sent to a potential client who had issues makes me smile; I hope they appreciate it.

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Perhaps you non-finnish people haven't heard of the beautiful word 'multipasking', which is multitasking but combined with the finnish word 'paska', which means shit. The meaning of 'multipasking' is, of course, obvious.

depol, nazis 

Ich vermisse vieles aus Sachsen.

Die Nazis, den Alltagsrassismus selbst in "sicheren Orten" und dass meine Existenz immer unbedingt :antifa: sein **müsste** (*), sind nicht Teil davon.

(*): Schlüsselverb: müssen. Manchmal wollte ich auch einfach existieren und Flußhoch Spazieren, ohne daran denken zu müssen, dass allein in Freital zu sein un "anders aussehen" nicht unbedingt die beste Kombi sind.



Obwohl ich weder SPD, noch Grüne als "Links" bezeichnen würde :-D.
Tja, das wäre trotzdem was!

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Public service announcement:

Today is a great day to move your email from 'bigmailers' (Gmail, Outlook, etc) to a smaller party. Or if you are feeling adventurous, host a mailserver yourself and give friends and family an account too :flan_hacker:

#decentralize #breakbigmailers #activism #email

@liberaforms @tuttle pel que veig aquell re-work de la config que vaig fer aleshores és tal qual com funciona ara? :-D
Vol dir que puc descartar els meus canvis locals i actualitzar 😊

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🤣 estic revisant codi de @liberaforms i he vist una cosa que em sonava...

En cas que les persones dels que ens vam veure a la @lleialtat ahir estiguin per aquí, aquest és el fil que hem creat a l'agora de la eXO:

(Gràcies per la dedicatòria del llibre, @titi!)

And here I had forgotten that any app first published on Google's Play Store after August 2021 cannot (by design) be trusted to be running the code that the developers intended.

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How do i tell this reCaptcha that it's wrong? 

@meena Stop thinking like a human, think like an AI that tries to identify motorcycles :D

Wait, what did CAPTCHA stand for again? 🤔

Well, that's also a way to pass the turning test. We figured out making computers to think like humans is too complicated, so we teach humans to think like computers! 💡

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