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Seriously impressed witg vscode! Mypy works, black works, isort works, docs work, autocompletion works, tests work, intellisense is… decent. Also with libraries(!).
I knew Microsoft had done a great job with the Language Server Protocol, but hadn't really taken advantage of it (and on (!))
In comparison my emacs setup is… rudimentary to be gentle.

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I just discovered that vscode runs perfectly fine on and am impressed at how decent of an IDE it is for python ô.o.

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Dear #selfpub friends:

Making your Ingram books returnable can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Ingram does exactly what they've done for decades. What their contract says can do. And it can bite you super hard.

My books are all non-returnable. Bookstores suck it up and order them anyway.

Aviat m'animaré a jugar amb per aprendre cosetes "d'internet profund", i potser per la eXO.
Si algú para per aquí amb ganes de tocar BGP (segurament a , però també potser amb Linux), aquí hi ha més explicat el que tinc ganes de fer:

Pretty good article on ! I was just eying it yesterday for a host to toy with BGP and RPKI :-D. It has everything I need in the base system!

Frigging webdevs.
Password input field with a maxlength of 20 (undocumented for the user) and: "onpaste='return preventDefault();'".

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Someone should implement `-3` from `scp` into `rsync`.

That's literally the one flag I use `scp` for and I always get annoyed at `scp` doing "the wrong thing".

Thanks to a pointer I received about mastodon supporting that, I figured out that what I'm looking for is called

Which finally lead to:
hinting at this being something would not support ever.

However, there is:
which actually looks good! But it hasn't seen much activity lately. Any devs willing to clarify whether or not that patch has a future in the project?

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Side question for admins: is the BEAM busy wait really necessary? for a somewhat low traffic instance, is it alright to get rid of it?

@tuttle do you happen to know this? xD

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People from the , particuarly those managing :
It looks to me like the only way to run an instance is to "lose" a full domain to the service, is that correct?

That is, if I own, and want to have, but do not want to be the fediverse interface, is that doable?

I know having subdomains is possible, and it certainly looks like getting new domains is common practise, the former is fugly, the latter seems unnecessary and wasteful.

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»Dokumente aus einem Gerichtsverfahren in den #USA zeigen eine heimliche Kooperation zwischen #Google und #Facebook auf dem Online-Werbemarkt. Die beiden Unternehmen sollen verabredet haben, gemeinsam einen „Burggraben“ gegen die Konkurrenz zu bauen […]«


Wenn ihr Deutsch spricht, bitte @maithi_nk unterstützen und ihre Wissenschaft Schau genießen, teilen, weiter anschauen und (ausnahmsweise!) die böse Algorithmen füttern, damit die Schau weiter läuft.

Es wäre großartig Untertiteln in anderen Sprachen dazu zu haben <3

Mi estas surprizita! Lerni estas amuza :-p
Ĝi estas logika, fremda sed facila kaj familiara X-D
Germano estas tre utila!

Avui he estat escoltant a pensava "Quan ella parla em sona a polonès. Bé, no, eslovac. Quan ell parla em sona més alemany".

Sorpresa, sorpresa: ella és eslovaca i ell alemany xD

@meena it looks like the Let's Encrypt provisioning had some issue again on .live 🙈

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Software developers have stopped caring about reliability

This is certainly nothing new to me and probably most of the people here, but still good to re-iterate the importance of simplicity in software design.

I will also do the challenge at the end of the article and see how much annoyance I have to deal with :flan_writing:

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Over 200,000 Servers in One Place! Visiting Hetzner in Falkenstein (Germany) - der8auer

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