Not even running processes. The laptop is kind of mid range, but still a 7th gen I5.

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How do i get to the point where even a slim Linux installation with firefox running and a few terminal windows is still hanging half the time and feeling sluggish all over. :/

We all know that internal tools need cool internal names.

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Accidentally took ibuprofane and I can't fucking stop swearing

We can win. We must win. We will win.
Fight for the climate. Fight for each other. Fight for our lives.

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I can't wait to go home and pet all the cats, and my partner and kid.

@checkervest there's literally nothing homeowners hate about homeless people that wouldn't be solved by giving them a home.

They leave trash around! Yeah they lack garbage pickup. Give them a home

They are always ranting and raving. Me too, but I have four walls so nobody sees. Give them a house

They're dirty. They don't have a room dedicated to getting clean. Give them a home

do not let capitalism live rent-free inside your skull

evict your inner landlord

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Finally creating the PR, 133 commits, over a few months, 58 changed files.

when the paywall is just javascript :chefs_kiss:

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