*starting up Responsively app to test layout on different devices*

*noise machine boiling hot*

Got to do the quarterly bookkeeping again. They only reason i am treasurer from our general partnership is that i am not a complete wreck with money.

Finding Rust streams yields a lot of Rust game streams. I hope they rename the game to just be 'Grief' as that is what it is.

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Watching Rust stream on Twitch which will in no way interrupt whatever i am trying to work on. Multitasking is just something that humans are very good at.

Hey folks - general coding question, particularly in respect to low-memory and retrocomputing environments.

Is there a generally known "good" technique or efficient approach for moving a viewport window around a stored map? Think of an Ultima 4 kind of deal.

It's kinda hard to find info about something like this now without getting a ton of results specific to Unity etc.

Any pointers welcomed, general info and commentary over specific code examples preferred.

Thanks! :awesome:

A few more days before getting my second vaccination and also having 2 weeks off. Can't wait! I feel quite burnt out at the moment.

Learn a physical skill

Oil/water color painting, cooking, farming, carpentry, knitting, it doesn't matter what. Something besides flipping bits in a magic box

After a whole day of that, I feel like a strong gust can send me into the aether without a tangible anchor in reality

Going out for dinner is a much bigger deal right now. Had to get a quick test a few hours before, that when you get your result you can turn into a QR code that they scan at the venue.

It was totally worth it though! The food was amaazing!

The beauty of lyrics in your native tongue that are almost impossible to translate.

Your daily reminder that the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

Case in point: right-libertarian and far-right asshats hate Big Tech too… but for all the wrong reasons. We have NOTHING in common with those douchebags and they can fuck the fuck right off.

Studying some Rust, beginning with the basics.
So signed integers are using "two's complement" representation:

0 : 0000 0000
1 : 0000 0001
2 : 0000 0010
-1 : 1111 1111
-2 : 1111 1110

In 2014, I gave a talk called Free is a Lie at a run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen, Silicon-Valley-worshiping Big Tech/surveillance capitalism conference in the Netherlands.

Yesterday, I learned that they unlisted my talk on *spit* YouTube and that it might be removed.



Today, I archived it so you can keep watching it for as long as you want to.


#FreeIsALie #PeopleFarming #SiliconValley #BigTech #SurveillanceCapitalism

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Fun fact of the day: silk is such a useful biomaterial that it evolved independently 23 times in insects and at least once each in spiders, crustaceans, pseudoscopions, ticks/mites, and the myriapoda.

Butt ropes so nice they evolved at least 28 times

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BlackWidowJola/sta

I want someone that has the sound of the guitars on Rotting Sky - Sedation album. That sound, caught in a person (or animal).

Today i am really going to fix the environment dependent csrfToken authentication setup that is broken for some reason.

Rust, with your borrowing and your shadowing and your mutability. I will understand you at some point, but for now... not in the slightest even.

But that's on me by coming from a Javascript background, not your fault Rust.

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