First weekday of my vacation, diving into Rust. Just got my hands on the "Rust in Action" book and working through it. That together with the docs give me a lot more insight already.

To send an envelop containing a shirt from Europe to the US you now have to fill in a huge form, declaring all the customs information and it will cost you up to 20 euros for something they can push in your mailbox.

The international postal system is so freaking broken. I guess we have to close our shop now for international customers as it is not worth letting customers pay around 20 euros for shipping for a shirt we sell for 10 euros.

If you think about it, any text-file, any image or video, any executable on your machine is just stored as a series of 1's and 0's, and can simply be interpreted as a very, very large integer.

You're not running Excel, you're just running a number. You're not watching the latest episode of your favorite show, this is 180983984839912343232899016056542024...

Two weeks of vacation! I am going to ignore everything that has to do with browsers of Javascript.

- sitting in a tent / spend time with my family / go to the beach
- read books
- solder stuff
- do more Rust learning

They are counted, but the visual tab is different than the tab character :/

First one is direct 2 tabs (converted to spaces directly in the editor).

The second one is 2 tabs copied from the editor where they were not converted to spaces.

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It seems that the tab indents are not being counted towards the line.len() value.

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Things are still breaking... interesting! Is it whitespace in the original file maybe? πŸ€”

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I could have used blocks from the Block Elements Unicode block. Well... it is too late now!

the corners almost connect to the lines. I could get away by saying this was intended. :awesome:

The longest i have been working on outputting a box.

@kubikpixel A lot better than whatever Javascript is generating. πŸ˜…

So Rust does not have a built in type checker? Like console.log(typeof var1); in Javascript?

Just wrote my first Rust program where i took the "reading and printing out file contents" tutorial and expanded it to add a nice border to the block based on the longest line length with some padding. Added some color to test out the use of crates and how to implement a custom mod.

What could be a good next step?

*starting up Responsively app to test layout on different devices*

*noise machine boiling hot*

Got to do the quarterly bookkeeping again. They only reason i am treasurer from our general partnership is that i am not a complete wreck with money.

Finding Rust streams yields a lot of Rust game streams. I hope they rename the game to just be 'Grief' as that is what it is.

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Watching Rust stream on Twitch which will in no way interrupt whatever i am trying to work on. Multitasking is just something that humans are very good at.

Hey folks - general coding question, particularly in respect to low-memory and retrocomputing environments.

Is there a generally known "good" technique or efficient approach for moving a viewport window around a stored map? Think of an Ultima 4 kind of deal.

It's kinda hard to find info about something like this now without getting a ton of results specific to Unity etc.

Any pointers welcomed, general info and commentary over specific code examples preferred.

Thanks! :awesome:

A few more days before getting my second vaccination and also having 2 weeks off. Can't wait! I feel quite burnt out at the moment.

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