Which relationship model suites you best? If possible, please select one of the following models. If none of the options is suitable for you, please leave a comment.

It is not important whether you live the relationship model at the moment or not.


@leah Hard to vote for me, i am in a monogamous relationship. But, we are open to date other people (or play with them), but only after clear communication and having input from the other. In practice this mostly means that my partner has had a few dates with other women. I haven't had those for now, who knows, maybe in the future.

@leah you could categorize this maybe under an "open relationship" to some degree. But i feel, that is more open (and from what i've seen with others, ending in a lot of drama for a lot of people).

@leah and according to the image we fall somewhere in the BDSM & D/s with the ability to play with other people.

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