To send an envelop containing a shirt from Europe to the US you now have to fill in a huge form, declaring all the customs information and it will cost you up to 20 euros for something they can push in your mailbox.

The international postal system is so freaking broken. I guess we have to close our shop now for international customers as it is not worth letting customers pay around 20 euros for shipping for a shirt we sell for 10 euros.

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No, don't do that. Just say to anyone in the US "We'd love to ship this for less, but your laws don't let us. We apologize. We also understand if you don't want to pay that much for shipping. We don't want to have to fill out the form and charge that much either, but... it's a US based regulation we can't change at all, as we're not in the US."

The "BUT I WANT THIS SHIRT OK FSCK EUROPE IT'S THEIR FAULT THEY ARE ALL EXTREMELY RUDE AND HATE THE US" crap will only be enhanced by this. That's not the case at all, it's their restriction.

Just be clear about it, and let people who have the money and want the shirts have them. Don't let them have the FUD crap.

@ff0000 what T-Shirts and where? Ordered some stickers from USA wich had €3 VAT and an extra flat-rate by b-post of €15.

@stapper It's an order from the USA. A tshirt from the band i play in (so merchandise). It cost us almost 20 euro on shipping.

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