I don't want self driving cars.

I want boring things like public transit that comes so regularly I don't need to check a schedule.

I want fast passenger rail so accessible and easy it's preferable to suffering airports.

I want cities that aren't built around cars-as-default.

@fink So many people who are all "but my rural area that it's impossible to serve with mass transit!" in that thread.

(On one car forum I'm on, there's a subset of the membership that legitimately thinks that mass transit and cycling (and electric vehicles) are a UN conspiracy (Agenda 21, which isn't a conspiracy at all) to trap the populace in "packed and stacked" urban ghettoes and not let them out. My response is, "yes, this is exactly what I want". Rural areas are for farmland.)

@fink And, even America's famously sprawled suburbs could be served by mass transit.

Build a ring rail connecting the outer suburbs, with spokes from the suburbs into the urban core. Then, within the suburb, have bus routes or similar to get to the rail network (as well as robust cycling infrastructure, if you want to follow something like the Dutch model, which uses bicycles (and wheelchairs) as the primary way to get to the rail stations).

american racism 

american racism 

@fink i prefer electric cars and rural areas than public transport due to harassment... but i dont want self driving cars either. driving is fun and relaxing

What, you don't want expensive cars that only rich people can afford, that shield you from interacting with the commons, that cause obesity, and that crash into pedestrians and cyclists? Why do you hate progress? /s

@fink I come from such a place (except for the airports bit), and it's a royal pain in the ass. And I'm BY NO MEANS saying that it's not better than the alternative.

This happens in places that are too poor for most people to have cars, and too disorganized for buses to have schedules. Of course, there are still enough privately owned cars to make transit a living hell. You an be on a bus for like 2hs without ever leaving Buenos Aires.

The only place I've seen that has a reasonable transport system with sustainable motorcar numbers is Singapore, which is quite literally a fascism-that-works dystopia 😭

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