Anyone out there with a pixel 3a ? Is it a do or don't? Seems to be a nice size and has linageos support...what do you think?

Das Gäste da gewesen sind, zeigt spätestens das gute Messer mit Holzgriff in der Spülmaschine.

Wie erstelle ich am besten einen Track unter Android um in bei Osm anzeigen zu lassen. Finde die Möglichkeit innerhalb der App nicht wirklich intuitiv.

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Suche „unkaputtbare“ Trinkflasche zum Mitnehmen, wichtig: spülmaschinentauglich, plastikfrei, bambusfrei, auslaufsicher; eventuell mit Thermosfunktion (doppelwandig), das ist aber nicht zwingend. Schön wäre eine breitere Öffnung zum Befüllen. Größe: 1l. Empfehlungen?

running a raspberry pi 4 with on buster goes quite smooth. \o/ yeah!

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@gael Gaël, just leaving this here, since I strongly believe that whoever continues to use Invidious is endorsing this behavior as well. The developer behind it has no problem with either Gab or Dissenter being integrated into its software and simply rejected it for technical reasons ..

The development community continuous to ignore these issue and keeps emboldening the racists, nazis, white supremacists and bigots on these networks.

Make a difference.

Woher kriege ich ein DVD-Laufwerk für einen Lenovo T530? eBay? Gibt's da Erfahrungen?

@finster hatte ja fast eine Umfrage zu Datensicherheit gestartet.

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Ich habe eine wilde Lime Survey installation entdeckt. Sowas geht an den zuständigen Datenschutzbeauftragten oder?

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"Should I use KeePass 2, KeePassX, or KeePassXC?"

✔️ Use KeePass 2 – this is the original KeePass, primarily developed for Windows. However, it can be used on Linux, too.

✔️ Use KeePassXC – this password manager indirectly originates from KeePass 2. Most features are similar to KeePass 2.

❌ Don't use KeePassX – development ceased in 2016.

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After years of not checking my old @wallabag 1.x instance, I now installed Wallabag 2.x on my @yunohost machine.

Ui looks very polished and Wallabag Android App from @fdroidorg works like a charm. Thanks to the three Projects which made it a 5 minute task to get it running 🙂👍

I'm optimistic I can make my read-it-later more efficient again.

Wooohooo... Steckdose draußen montiert. Ich kann mit dem Toaster an die frische Luft!

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Following the alpha-testing from two weeks ago, we are happy to announce that we're moving to a beta-testing for YunoHost 4.x on Buster :blobcatcoffee: !

As always, your feedback is important to help us spot issues before we release the whole thing as stable 💓

Additionally, we now have a pre-installed image for #raspberrypi that should also work on version 4 (to be tested & confirmed :thinkhappy:)

Das mit dem Standort macht mir schon Sorgen...da ist Elektronik drin.

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