Any LibreOffice Experts here? I want to make this chart have legible labels, but they are layered over each other in some places and it's annoying me..

How can I

a) let the data labels only be displayed where the value is not zero?


b) manually change the position of some of the labels, so they don't cover up other ones?

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Yay, I found a workaround for a) :D

In the table where the chart's data is taken from, I now make the formulas return an empty string instead of the calculated value if the value is not bigger than zero.

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and... I also found an okay-ish workaround for b) in this particular case: I set the position of the data label for the yellow bar (only the one at no. 9) to "inside" instead of "center" ... now it's no longer inside the bar O.o (why is it called "inside"? I have no idea.)
But it kind of works for this case... wish I could chose left/right or manually set a position, but the only choice (for bar charts) is between "center"/"inside"/"near origin".

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go to and search the libreoffice users mailing list. If nothing, post your question there

Save in SVG format, then polish the graphics with inkscape.

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