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Passend zum habe ich mir heute noch schnell einen Hut gebastelt 🧙‍♀️

and... I also found an okay-ish workaround for b) in this particular case: I set the position of the data label for the yellow bar (only the one at no. 9) to "inside" instead of "center" ... now it's no longer inside the bar O.o (why is it called "inside"? I have no idea.)
But it kind of works for this case... wish I could chose left/right or manually set a position, but the only choice (for bar charts) is between "center"/"inside"/"near origin".

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Any LibreOffice Experts here? I want to make this chart have legible labels, but they are layered over each other in some places and it's annoying me..

How can I

a) let the data labels only be displayed where the value is not zero?


b) manually change the position of some of the labels, so they don't cover up other ones?

You may already have heard about the pride march at - now the time and place is confirmed: day 3 (friday), starting at 14:00h. Queer hackers, meet at the Fairy Dust! 🌈

If you'd like to get your own pixelart portrait like these, I can make one for you!
Support me on Ko-fi ( and contact me (here or wherever, more contact info is on my website).
8x8 pixels for one coffee, 16x16 for more than one :)

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By the way, I don't only make for using it in videogames, but sometimes also just because it's fun. For example, I recently made some portraits of myself and other people as :D

Remember the game that @blinry and I made in one hour for the last week? Since then, we've improved that prototype a lot, and you can now beta-test the new version of "The Floor is Lava" :)

We would love to read your feedback - what do you like and dislike about it?
What's your best score? 🦎💎🌋

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