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oh my gods. they literally have no shame about this.

GitHub Support just straight up confirmed in an email that yes, they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license.

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discord is adding per-server avatars!
now you, too, can celebrate pride month where it is locally applicable, and look normal everywhere else – just like your favorite corporations~

So I've been working on a ARM to x86-64 dynamic recompiler for the last ~1.5 months. It's alpha level software at the moment, but can run ARMv4T code (no coprocessor support yet). ARMv5TE support is in progress. Say hello to lunatic!


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financial need, boosts appreciated 

My family just found out that the land we'd gotten permission to live on is $6k deep in missed payments.

If anyone has a bit to spare, we're still waiting on our first round of pandemic aid, and until we get my social security name change stuffs fixed we can't even do a proper gofundme or whatever.

My partner, @sesshirecat, has a Paypal that hasn't been shut down, if you have anything you can contribute.


We have until Monday or Tuesday (6th or 7th of June) to find enough to pay this, otherwise the former owners will sue and we'll be up shytte's creek again.

I've been busting my ass to make the land liveable for us and our three-month-old, but apparently I've not been fast enough at that.

Literally anything helps right now. I'm attempting to cash out my old 403b, there's some bonds that a friend might sell to help, and we have a little bit (a hundred or two) saved from TANF to add to the stack...going to ask our caseworker if they know of any options too...open to suggestions on ways to negotiate with the seller or...anything...

...like I said, anything helps.

Ooops, I started writing an ARM to x86_64 dynamic recompiler. I don't know how to write a compiler or how to design an IR. Send help, I don't know what I'm doing!

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Y'ever think that maybe having an economy where houses are first and foremost investments rather than homes might be a teensy weensy bit of a huge fucking problem?

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Gender is better for _everyone_ without transphobia and bioessentialism

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reminder: if you’re bad to someone because of your perception of their mental health or divergent neurology, that’s just as bad as other *isms/*phobias

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We finally managed to dump the BootROM of the ARM7 core of the Nintendo DSi.

Not much time has been spent on reversing it yet, but expect more to come in the following days/weeks/months.

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just because something is legal doesnt mean its ethical and vice versa.

i will not notify a surveillance capitalist company of a breach so they can wipe it under the rug. i will make sure it gets exposed. i dont get how you could think letting them just silently fix this would be more ethical.

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2021 isn't a prime number, it's something much worse: it's the product of two prime factors that are as large as they can be, so it takes as long as possible to find out it's not prime. I'm calling this class "fucker numbers"

here be dragons...
both in the image and in the horrible, horrible code...

I was busy implementing more hardware and tracking down dumb little bugs that are trivial to fix but hard to track down, but the emulator is slowly coming to life <3

I will tackle the 3D GPU next to finally see some emulated 3D glory :3

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