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I really like this Python environments setup with pyenv, pipenv and pipsi: jacobian.org/writing/python-en

It solves quite a few problems I've been having.

So the best way to force Firefox to forget about a cached favicon.ico is:

1. Visit https://my.url/favicon.ico
2. Ctrl-F5
3. Restart Browser

*Then* you'll have the new favicon. Seriously.
(And no, favicons are cached separately from general Firefox caches, so deleting your cache won't help at all.)

Meine Frau nennt ihr iPad Pro "mein Computer", und ich bin sehr stolz auf sie!

Hei @nickfarr, we have our first comment on the Podcast site!!!!


And I agree completely with the commenter's opinion.

"Und, viel zu tun?"
"Ja! Ist grad Grippewelle. Da werd' ich reich!!"

Mein Freund, der Apotheker.

@flowfx @nickfarr I am 2 , episodes behind but the first one with the mexican guest was cool. I admit it is harder to follow the "spanish english" but they offer new perspectives which I like

RT @ProtonMail@twitter.com: 📣 We’re looking for a brilliant UI/UX designer to join our product team. ♥️ RT is much appreciated. 📨Apply at: protonmail.com/careers

Where we PROVE the Cyberwehr is NOT A THING...while eating burgers in Mexico.


This may be our most Mexico City episode yet. Nick and I talk (and play) Sounds Of The City:


"Your LinkedIn account is now closed. Although you no longer have access to it, […]

You may still receive invitations from LinkedIn members and groups."

Das ist schon ziemlich dreist.

Interessanter Besuch in der MVA mit grandiosen Ausblick aus 35m

Had a bit of an exchange yesterday with Gruber about that silly Kottke interview where he imagines there are “only a few bloggers left”. Bit my tongue and tried to keep it productive. twitter.com/joeld/status/96600

I just can’t imagine having a web platform that big and then a) being so dismissive of the rest of the web, and then b) pretending to be sad that it’s dying when you could be doing something about it.

Lese mir gerade einige Seiten a la "Standardfragen im Vorstellungsgespräch" durch. Muss sagen, dass ich direkt nach dem Studium (vor 9 Jahren) sehr vieles nicht sinnvoll hätte beantworten können.

Finde dieses Älterwerden ziemlich gut. Heute weiß ich halt was ich kann, was ich nicht kann, was ich will und nicht will. Ist super!

If all the guests here in the Starbucks knew that I'm the reason their WiFi is so slow…

Such a lovely closing song in this episode…