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Blocking a Mastodon instance is so cool because it's like one of those shared block lists on Twitter but the Nazis add themselves to it willingly

My main task for next week will be:

Design and run performance tests on our On system.

Can you suggest any tools or concepts that I should take a look at?

Jahrelang habe ich mich gefragt, was ich mit den riesigen CPUs jemals anfangen könnte, die heutzutage Standard sind.

Dann habe ich angefangen Software-Tests zu schreiben.

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Aus der Nachbarwohnung tönt laut Aretha Franklin.
Möge Rolf Zuckowski noch lange leben!

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Does anyone know how to run periodic tasks with celery in an anacron fashion? Meaning that when celery was not running while a task was due the task will be run right after celery starting up again?

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Ein elektronisches Gerät ohne Wackelaugen ist defekt.

"I have a problem with my.."

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

"It's an iPhone! The LTE doesn't.."

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

"It's just that.."

"Have you tried t..."

"Ok ok!!!"

**1 minute later**

"Now it works!"

Every. Time.

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Jerry Seinfeld brings out the truth on Twitter…and…writing books 👀

Anstatt Spotify jeden Monat zu bezahlen könnte ich mir auch einfach das eine Live-Album von The Cat Empire kaufen. Und das von Van Morrison, und das von Fettes Brot, und das von Guns N' Roses, und das von Alpha Blondy, und...

Okay. Spotify bleibt.

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My political opinion is roughly influenced by imperial Germany. Give people some financial, social and medical safety so they won't start a revolution.

ICE fällt aus. Ersatz-IC fährt und ist rappedickevoll mit Urlaubern und Pendlern.

Die Urlauber sind völlig genervt.

Die Pendler sind tiefenentspannt.

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Kurzer Hinweis für alle die ihr hier neu seid. Guckt euch bitte auch unsere Regeln unter chaos.social/about/more an, damit wir uns hier alle wohl fühlen können.

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Recent pet peeves: It's not a podcast if I can't subscribe to it with my podcast tuner - i.e. an RSS poller that downloads MP3s from enclosures.

It's not a podcast if it's locked into a platform app. A YouTube video is not a podcast. A Twitch stream is not a podcast. Those all might be "periodic timeshiftable subcription" things but they're not podcasts

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@flowfx @ordnung @pludikovsky I'm not sure you're missing anything given that anyone on that instance is either ignorant of who their admin is (which seems doubtful) or is fine with being on a walled garden instance that consists exclusively of people who are fine with being on an instance run by this guy. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jest

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@flowfx @ordnung Because counter.social runs pretty much as a walled garden, with a heavily modified version of Mastodon, and the operator (The Jester) perma-blocks every IP to ever look at the US in a strange way.

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Is there an obvious reason why I can't open profiles of users at counter.social nor follow them? cc @ordnung

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Human: What do we want!?

Computer: Natural language processing!

Human: When do we want it!?

Computer: When do we want what?