I'm pondering finding funding for »let's throw everything over and write everything from scratch«. Starting with chip design, OS kernel, storage, tooling... up to GUIs for stationary and mobile devices.


@Xjs What are the chances that it's going to be better next time?

@flowfx Well, we (as an industry) are constantly growing in what we know to be good practice etc. However, all the systems that we use have roots and use tools that date back 20, 30 years. (Looking at memory-unsafe languages like C, C++, for example, in which all widely used kernels are written.)

@flowfx Also, in doing that, we could establish a process for how it can be done (i. e. how can we exchange fundamental components of our systems), so it will be easier and easier to improve the next time.

@flowfx This is purely speculative, of course. It would take many a distinguished engineer for a project of this scope, and the return will only be measurable in very specific details (probably). I don't reckon it can happen at all while capitalism is the dominant economic driver.

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