I just rode my bike for the first time in . It’s amazing!

But you *really* have to look out for those cyclists. They’re CRAZY!

Sure signs you’re not a Dutch cyclist:

1) You wear a helmet.
2) You stop at red lights.

@flowfx What does TW stand for?

Also, are there no lights? Or do people just don't care? :)

@esureL That’s just for my To-Birdsite-Crossposter. ;)

@flowfx Somehow, this didn't address either of my guesses. 😅

@esureL Let me try one more time:

Traffic lights exist. Though to most cyclist they represent mere suggestions.

@flowfx Interesting. I kinda assumed that the traffic planning was “so good/thoughtful“ that running over red lights wasn't really an option. :D

@flowfx try copenhagen if you reach the next level before the game says: youre dead.

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