Which format do you use for your presentations? If you want to add a comment: What is your preferred software? Why do you use it?

I am looking for ways to approach teaching and conferences.

Thank you!

Thanks again for this valuable feedback. I now have a better picture and was pointed to some interesting resources.

Happy presenting, everyone!


Martin Rost schrieb dazu vor kurzem ein paar Tipps auf:

Ich habe 2013 mal einen Vortrag darüber gehalten, wie ich Vortragsfolien in Markdown mache und mit pandoc in S5 oder reveal.js umwandle. Sorry für die verspielten Transitionen:

@fly_it Usually I use Markdown and either reveal.js or Deckset, but I'm not sure if this is "local HTML/PDF" or "Other" 🙃


@fly_it I write my presentations in markdown and convert them to a reveal.js HTML presentation using pandoc. Runs in most browsers, has good multimedia support and can export to PDF, too.

@fly_it LaTeX / Beamer in combination with git as a version control system is my all-time favourite.

@fly_it impressjs + a small handmade preact wrapper, because I can use it to build interactive presentations and host them afterwards for the people to go through.

PDF for exports.

Also using LaTeX for technical presentations. The beamer class is easy to use.

@fly_it A lot of times I just make a folder full of images that start with 3-digit numbers. I try to use as little text as possible. When I do need it, I often use the Takahashi.sty¹ with LaTeX to make a PDF.


@fly_it powerpoint impress should be considered as two different options, as i would use impress, I wouldn't use PowerPoint. At least to show people, not two use proptrietary software.

@fly_it I compile LaTeX + beamer to .pdf and play it with pdfpc.

I use LaTeX, because my presentations usually contain some mathematical expressions and I have already written or will write a LaTeX document on that topic, anyway.

@fly_it Anything, but always exported to PDF for portability and to hand it out to others.

@fly_it While I like revealjs I often use the Google presentation tool when I hold presentations with a live stream. There is a nice feature where people who are viewing the stream can send their questions.

@fly_it depends on time (available), purpose and audience.

I made really good experience with sozi

@fly_it also using to present workflows or processes in a non formal way (within the Team for example)

@fly_it I write in AsciiDoc and convert to slidy html

I'm not thrilled about needing JavaScript, but being able to keep my presentations in plain text revision control is much better than the tools I used when I was teaching in a classroom

There are similar workflows with MarkDown ( and likely more options ), but I prefer AsciiDoc

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