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anyone ever told you "premature optimization is the root of all evil"?

let me tell you a story. about computers and javascript and hitler and the soviet union.

a friend of mine just dug up some numbers and did some math for my dyscalculic ass and came up with the conclusion that just by transmitting the minified version of jquery around (not even executing it!), Planet Earth is likely using up somewhere between 7-14 billion kWh of power every year.

let's put that into some perspective.

world war two was the single deadliest conflict in human history. it killed somewhere around 80 million people, which at the time was three percent of *all humans, everywhere.* it left europe in ruins, and nowhere was the damage so intense and horrific as the Soviet Union.

the Battle of Stalingrad is one of the most famous battles of the war. two million people died there alone. in the opening salvos the entire city was flattened by nazi and soviet bombs alike. eventually the Union prevailed, at a tremendous cost.

but Stalingrad was only one of the cities flattened, only one of the battles fought as Europe burned. the devastation was so comprehensive that nearly every western nation had to rely on aid from the US, one of the only powers on either side whose economy was intact, to rebuild. (it didn't help that American wartime policy was designed more to inflict as much Nazi death and destruction as possible on the Soviets, of course).

if we add up the energy of every single explosive device detonated over the course of that terrible war, from hand grenades all the way up to the two atom bombs the US detonated over japan, slaughtering civilians en masse and turning two cities to rubble in the space of a moment, we get the figure of about 3 megatons. or in kilowatt hours, 3.4 billion, spread out across all those years of war.

compared to 7-14 billion kWh just to transmitting the same tangle of bytes around again and again. every single year.

and that's just jquery. not the cost of executing it. not the mass of other garbage javascript and analytics and social media spyware, which now often adds up to megabytes per page. not the cost of rendering or running any of that.

just to zap jquery back and forth across the internet to every computer accessing a website that uses it.

a final point of comparison, now that i have your attention: bitcoin uses up 46,000 billion kilowatt hours per year. a number which is likely to keep on growing.

draw your own conclusions about web design & software optimization.
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Und die Erklärung, nach fast vier Wochen: "Verbesserung des Nutzungserlebnisses."

@DB_Bahn@twitter.com ich schätze euch ansonsten trotz allem möglichen, aber auf dieses #Tracking möchte ich echt verzichten.

Warum haben wir nicht die Wahl?

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Liebe @DB_Bahn@twitter.com, warum trackt Ihre App mein Verhalten und versendet dieses an #Google und die US-Datenfirma Full Circle Studies, Inc.? #tracking #privatsphäre

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ilumium/status/107

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Verwende seit zwei Tagen die deutsche FLOSS-Suchmaschine MetaGer und bin überrascht, wie brauchbar die Ergebnisse sind. Such-Plugin für die Browsersuchmaschinenwahl wird auch gleich angeboten: metager.de

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#fuckoffgoogle: microG ermöglicht es, Android-Apps, die eigentlich Google-Play-Dienste nutzen, auch ohne diese auszuführen. Gleiche Leistung, weniger Datenspuren, WIN/WIN-Situation: prototypefund.de/project/micro

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Supermärkte in Tschechien dürfen unverkäufliche Lebensmittel nicht mehr in den Müll werfen. Sie müssen die Ware unentgeltlich karitativen Organisationen anbieten. Bräuchte auch Deutschland so ein Gesetz? Von Danko Handrick. www.tagesschau.de/ausland/tsch…
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Stelle mir gerade einen SPON Redakteur vor, der sich seit 15 Minuten kichernd auf seinem Bürostuhl im Kreis dreht.

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Find' ich super, "Präsidententochter wird als neue Weltbank-Chefin gehandelt". Dann ist ja wohl jedem klar wie kaputt das System ist. Lieber so als eine pseudo-seriöse Marionette da hin setzen. stuttgarter-nachrichten.de/inh

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Streets of Amsterdam are littered with murdered Christmas trees. #treemassacre

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my timeline is flooded by @doctorow

unfollowing asap

I like the guy but he seems to have developed some internet addiction

Und wie kann man bitte Bilder in Toots einbetten? 😢


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