In response to that one person, who wrote a blog post about how the CCC has become too political and how they didn't go to #CCCamp2019 because of an "Antifa or GTFO" atmosphere, I designed these.

Kinda wanna print some t-shirts. Anyone know a good place to do collective orders?

@spacekookie actually I can understand that a bit.

I mean being political is a good thing, but especially the antifa people are more the "fight hate with hate" kind of people and most people who are not into covering their face and throwing stones can feel offplace.

I think there is enough hate in this world, we really don't need antifa where ever we go for some ""political"" statements.

History proven that hate and anger are the least things that improve anything

@Vamp898 lol @ "fight hate with hate". Ah yes, fascists and racists will be won over by kindness.

Fuck off.

@spacekookie no, they will be won over by hate, as always in history xD

As we can all see of totally works, there are less and less Nazis every day. We hate them more and more and... oh wait, they get more powerful and common every day :o

But hitting someone in the face is just so much easier than go the hard way and actually find a solution, I can at least understand why so many people go antifa.

They are wrong and don't help (the opposite), but I can understand the urge for an easy solution

@Vamp898 @spacekookie While Antifa methods do include violence for some(!), that is by far the one aspect that is the most overemphasized by Antifa "critics". There are lots of nonviolent things that are being done against faschism.
Antifa is not synonymous with wearing masks and setting cars on fire. Antifa means "fighting faschism, by any means necessary". The fact that that does not exclude violence does by no means imply that violence is the preferred method. (Hint: it usually is not.)

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