Mhm, every time I come around these carbon footprint calculators and I dig into their numbers, I find arbitrary stuff.

Today: cloud servers only produce 50% of their CO2 emissions during production "since 50% is manufactured for use in cloud".

I would love when someone can be a know-it-all and explain me how that works.


@sheogorath the 50% is explained in the article itself. It is a conservative assumption on cloud data centers being twice as effective utilized as local small DCs. Therefore comes the conclusion that a cloud server needs half the hardware as a dedicated local one. But still not sure if this assumption would hold up.

@fooker I see, in the paragraph they talked about utilisation and energy consumption, which I assumed meant basically the same. But it makes sense to translate that to amount of machines to have around.

Either way, thanks. And I'm with you, that I don't think the assumption of "more utilisation" means less hardware works out.

Especially considering that according to RH, depending on your use-case, you can get twice the performance out of baremetal compared to public cloud VMs :D

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