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Hi and welcome! 👋

I'm Gina aka foosel. I'm a nerd, full-time open source maintainer and creator of OctoPrint ("the snappy web interface for your 3d printer"), and in my free time I also happen to game (video games and boardgames), bake bread (since before the pandemic even!) or go bouldering.

This is my friend Hartmut. Hartmut only says "föh" all the time but can express a lot through this. He's a mammoth, very chill & friendly, and he has great hair. I like Hartmut.


Ich suche eine Stelle als Linux-Administration / DevOps für max. 30 Wochenstunden und weitestgehend Remote.

Kennt da wer wen, der sucht oder kann was empfehlen?
Gern RT.

Goatlieb and his gang of gregarious goats wish you all a wonderful #WholesomeWednesday!

But remember: Don't be the kid that keeps the food trough all for themself. Let everyone have their fair share!

#GoatsOfMastodon #goats #MastoGoats

"The message we just sent to welcome Earth," the Emperor of the Known Universe said, "can we cancel that?"
"No, it's been sent. It's electromagnetic waves, moving at the speed of light."
"Can we explode a star to drown it out?"
"In theory, yes, but why?"
"There was a typo in it."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

It was with great patience that the werewolf waited.

His pack-leader had given him a very clear instruction, and he wanted to impress.

He got peanut-butter when he impressed. His tail thumped against the wall at the thought.


He grabbed his tail, giving a sheepish nod to the librarian.

Finally, story-time came to an end.

"Ah, there's your uncle over there."

His tiny human niece scampered over.

It was a very safe walk home.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Since I could no longer use my arms very well, we decided to give the balance tracks we've done a TON of times already another try - but with a twist. Closed eyes, instructions from the onlookers.

Can fully recommend doing that, completely new perspective & no fear of heights 😂

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Today is tuesday, so today I went again.

We once again ended up in the new section with a ton of new challenges for us. Managed to finish one I couldn't last time, and a bunch of those again that I could. Couldn't grip anymore after a blue 3 😅

We went to a garden today! That's so much greener than the balcony me and Gina have at home, there even was grass! Some of the flowers were very spiky however, I'm not sure if I like those yet, they hurt my nose when I tried to sniff them. But that helped me to conquer a chair to relax!

For more technical details, see

Planned on getting a Trekking Ebike for 500€ less and a smaller motor. Kinda fell in love with this one after a test drive 😂

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Better pictures to come when there isn't a thunderstorm looming on the horizon and the bike is fully charged 😅

Behold, my new Merida eBig.Nine 675 EQ. Shimano Steps EP8 motor (85Nm), 750Wh battery. A street legal e-MTB. Currently charging 😬

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Friday means ! We got to check out a freshly renovated and remade area and spent the whole session there 😁 Very challenging climbs, I only got some 1, 2 and one 3 under the belt, but now got some new goals there 😊 But: way too hot and humid today 🥵

Cut my own hair again. Same style (basic ponytail), only shorter. The heat built-up in my neck area due to all that isolating hair became unbearable today while climbing.

Could have gone shorter still, but didn't want to risk cutting it too short 😅

Obviously an angle grinder or a very skilled lockpick with specialized tooling will still make more or less short work with everything in this picture. So it's also crucial where I'll lock it up, and that I lock it to something strong.

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As some additional explanation why these... That Kryptonite one got a good review by the Lock Picking Lawyer, the Hiplok has a massive AF noose chain to chain the bike to stuff, and two locks from diff. manufacturers, one big, one small, to combat/discourage specialised thieves.

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E-Bike acquisition preparations: Now owning 5.3kg more of bike security in the shape of a Kryptonite New York Standard lock and a Hiplock E-DX. And soon also a Bike Bean tracker and an insurance policy.

(deleted and redrafted after forgetting the image description)

Nicht vergessen: Gute Beiträge auch zu teilen macht für alle die Timelines besser.

(Favorisieren ist individuell nett, aber für alle insgesamt nicht so wichtig, weil es keinen Algorithmus gibt. Wir sind es selbst, die einander die guten Beiträge in die Timelines schieben, quer durchs Fediverse.)


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