Python Bytes Episode #289 with your's truly has already been released! So there's your chance to fire up your podcatchers if you missed yesterday's live stream, or to watch the recording 😁

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This is the python based CAD library/GUI/Jupyter Extension/CLI that I shared, CadQuery:

In my humble opinion a nice alternative to OpenSCAD, and possibly also to FreeCAD when you don't need a GUI and can actually achieve your goal faster in code.

This is the parser generator library TatSu that I shared:

I could have used that a couple years ago when I was wondering if should just formalize the 3d printer GCODE spec in EBNF. I still might and use this in OctoPrint.

And with regards to the extras, here's rdserialtool that saved my butt by allowing me to monitor the power and voltage situation of my RPi test cluster:

And here's the nodejs-bin Python package that got me really excited 😬:

@foosel not sure you are as much into pure front end stuff, but you might be interested in my CAD front end library,

@stevegenoud Oh, that also looks interesting! I'm always happy about having options :)

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