New climbing shoes, who dis?

Put the 9€ ticket to use and did a quick trip to Frankfurt (that had me cursing at the lack of properly worn masks, but I digress). Nothing fancy, simple beginner shoes once more. It's too early to specialise. La Sportiva Tarantula.

@foosel This might be old data but in the 80s I tried a variety of climbing shoes up and down the beginner-to-expert spectrum and the differences in comfort and utility were random. As with most types of shoes, it seems like the fit and function aren't related to the target market.

@trevorflowers Ah, interesting. Well, this is mostly to get a different data point too admittedly. My first pair was Scarpa, and I wanted to try a different brand. Once I've worn these in and/or the next time something breaks I might go for a third pair even. still need to figure out what I even want from a shoe and so far the sample size is 2 (my own first pair and the to-rent model at the gym). Soon to be 3 now ^^

I still got my first climbing shoes (Scarpa, entry level, fwiw). They got some 8 or 9 times new soles on them, and I am quite happy with them. I think it's pretty important that stuff works and I tend not to look at targeted markets or segments. The shoes were not the limiting factor in my climbing for the last 10 years or so 😉

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