My Flipper Zero is stuck in transit hell. First it got misrouted somewhere in Germany, now it has been sitting at the local parcel center for two days with "preparing further transport". There goes my hope for being able to play with it during my final vacation days.

It's finally here! Of course, today's my first day back at work, so no time to play 😭 Ah well... something to look forward to during lunch break and evening then :)

@foosel that's a pitty. mine has been a positive surprise. the firmware is so much better than i expected.

@foosel fingers crossed they sort that out. Always frustrating when shipping delays new toys

@wasrel If I don't see anything happen by Monday they'll get a disgruntled call and I'll ping the Flipper Zero people as well (of DHL managed to lose it I cannot request an investigation, only the sender can). Really hope it won't come to that though, I mean, based on scans it's literally in town already, just not getting picked up for delivery 😕

@foosel Hope you'll get it soon & looking forward to your experiences with it once you get it.

If anyone else wants one now - I ordered mine from in France last week who currently have them in stock and they did ship it to Germany within a few days...

@mborus Kind of depressing to hear that ordering it now would have gotten it to me faster than backing the Kickstarter 😅

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