Since I just mentioned it again and am to have confused some people, let's talk about my vertigo issue. So... in autumn of 2000 I came down with a nasty flu. Fever, sinusitis, bronchitis. When it went, a constant vertigo stayed. Think sitting on a merry-go-around. Missed two months of school and had to practice walking again. Had to get brought to school by my parents again for a while, too dangerous otherwise. Sitting required concentrating, making school harder. But graduated on time and well.


Since then this has be a constant companion. Colds trigger it. Being really tired triggers it. Alcohol and weed trigger it. Went through a whole gauntlet of medical tests, hearing clear, vestibular system clear, brain clear. Have two MRIs of my head to show for it with a distance of ~20 years between them, all good. No explanation. I've given up on finding out what's wrong, I just live with it getting triggered a bunch of times per year and ruining a few days 🤷‍♀️

What this has taught me though is how amazingly adaptable the human brain is. When this crap started I could no longer depend on my inner ear for balance, so my brain switched over to other senses. Pressure on the feet. Visual horizone. Seeing me climb, balance, stand on one leg, you would never know I have a problem unless I'm really tired or have a cold ^^ And that's something that not only have me a ton of respect for the human brain but is also something I'm mighty proud of. 😊

@foosel oh sorry to hear that ^^v
i'm always impressed how the human body can adapt to such stuff.. i'm born with a cardiac defect and even some doctors are sometimes are wondering themself, that i nearly have any constraint in my daily live (which i'm rly rly rly glad)
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