Severely under the weather but after some impulse from a discussion today I now finally looked into a sensor for my Ferraris power meter. I'm taking bets how long it will take until the power bank is stolen or the neighbors call the cops on me 😅


After some calibration issues and thus fiddling here and there, this now seems to be producing usable results and the detective work of trying to figure out why my power consumption is significantly higher now than pre-pandemic can continue. 🕵️‍♀️


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Of course, just when I was getting reliable readings for over 24h, the thing just stopped working one minute to the next and now I can't get it back to work. Not touched by anyone but me, nothing moved, nothing changed, just borked one second to the nextt. Very frustrated 😐

Modded the TCRT5000 module by switching the IR-LED and phototransistor with a green one and a visible light transistor, pulled the LED and transistor directly to the glass of the meter and wrapped them in shrink tubing for light isolation. So far it works *knocks on wood*

@leah Total power as measured by the optical monitoring device I installed on my Ferraris meter (original toot). An IR line following module, an ESP8266 and some ESPHome glue code in a nutshell, giving me constant readings of the meter and thus allowing me to plot my actual consumption across the flat.

@foosel Which plugs are you using? I've looked at Shelly PM devices, but I can fit them behind most of my sockets 😠

@blindcoder A mixture of some old Gosund SP111, old Nous A1, Nous A1T, Nous A1Z and also some built in power measuring in my Shelly Bulbs.

@blindcoder I also have two Athoms Tasmota EU plug V2 and four Tasmota based Delocks on the way, plus 8 more Nous A1T. There's still a lot of potential here in measuring individual devices, and I want to have a chance in getting to the bottom of this and have the majority of my consumption at least roughly accounted for I'll need all of these and possibly more 😅

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