One year ago today I had my knee surgery. One year later my verdict is that as an experience it sucked hard, recovery was intense and I'm still not back at 100% motion range, but it was a year with *so* much less random pain (often for days on end): It was the right decision.


Funnily enough, with the recent shift from summer to autumn weather and finally a lot of rain, I've come to realize that the thing is now even more weather sensitive than before 😅 Found the scar randomly hurt before larger rainfall + the usual vertigo. Weather frog I am then 🐸

The knee btw decided to celebrate this anniversary with reminding me how much it used to hurt all the damn time. Wish me luck it gets its act together soon, this is quite painful.

Went on until today, but less so. Went climbing again and that didn't worsen it, then afterwards climbing buddy gave a stretching lesson, back at home a hot shower and the fascia roll over the whole thigh and right now no pain, such a relief 🥹

@foosel Fascinating! What do you think is the mechanism which causes that?

@blinry No idea. For the vertigo I'm still thinking pressure even though my logging so far hasn't revealed a clear correlation. For the scar tissue, that seems to be a common phenomenon but no scientific consensus as to why it happens yet. Maybe some nerve stuff related to air pressure and/or humidity. All I can tell you is: If there's rain, I get dizzy and my knee hurts (though less painfully than before), it gets hot and I get a headache ;)

Oje. Gut, dass es aufhört. Wenn Bewegung/Anstrengung es nicht verschlimmert, dann ist das ja auch ein gutes Zeichen!
Ich war Mittwoch Klettern und habe so krass Muskelkater, dass ich kaum schlafen konnte. Ich leide quasi mit dir 😬
Gute Besserung!

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