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I'm talking about things like this to do my part in normalizing talking about mental health, since it is still something that is way too often brushed under the carpet. It is okay to rest. It is necessary to rest. The hustle culture is deadly.

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And yes, I know that it is very much a privilege that I'm able to do that. It's an advantage of being self employed and at least somewhat making up for the many disadvantages that has (especially in .de).

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Have decided to extend my vacation by 1w. Only started really relaxing & allowing myself to do nothing without feeling guilty for it at all last week. So, for mental health reasons, another week of that feels like a good idea, esp. after that close brush with burnout recently.

And one Jalapeño (or was it a Cayenne?) is even well into turning red!

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Chili update 🌶️. Thanks to the loving care of my best friend and her husband during our recent trip, the plants are doing well and fruiting nicely 🥰 Even the tomato, woot!

Do you still wear your mask?

Please boost i wanna get more people to vote

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Ich wusste das nicht - Ihr vielleicht auch nicht...

This was btw also the premiere for my new radar unit (Garmin RVR315). Designed a mounting bracket for it last night & it got finished just in time ^^ Now it mounts to the back of my bike's rack, so no issue when I have the panniers on or the basket. Trailer mount yet to come.

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And thanks to my boulder buddy S. you also get to see my triumphant victory pose right after arriving at the gym this morning ;)

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Due to my vacation trip and a minor injury this was my first climbing session since July 5th, so I had to start a bit carefully - my hands aren't used to the rough surfaces anymore, need to build up some skin again 😁 Lots of new routes, have some challenges cut out for me 😊

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Up since 5:20. Started my bike tour to the boulder gym at 5:40. Arrived an hour later. Climbed an hour, had a coffee break. Then biked back. 38.7km in 1h44min. Beyond proud of myself for pulling through, being able to make this trip by bike was the reason I bought the e-bike!

Kleine Glow-in-the-dark-Stäbchen.

(Oder auf Deutsch: Finde-zum-Klo)

Da das gut funktioniert und sehr einfach zu drucken ist, biete ich Stäbchen, die im Dunkeln leicht grün leuchten.
Damit kann man z. B. Türrahmen markieren.

Alternativ kann man 2 der Sternenhimmel-Sterne aus den 90-ern aus dem Kinderzimmer nehmen. 🙂

Aber, wer die nicht mehr hat, kann sich gerne melden und ich stecke ein paar ins Couvert und schicke sie.


Much to learn, but it reminds me of learning how to bake bread. Even if the result is far from perfect and some things go wrong on the way, it still sparks joy.

So here's the first attempt with my own chalks on a tutorial I found on YouTube.

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Still have to sort all of the pictures that I took (the G70 was busy during many a walk, and the phones as well), unpack, recover from the drive (huge temperature increase & traffic)... Might need some help with bird identification soon ;) Until then I'll leave you with this one

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We also visited an old windmill that has been converted into a museum but still is in use, did a led hike through the wadden sea right when the tide was rising again (humbling experience), tried our hands at pastel chalks & got drenched from above and below several times 😅

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Back at home after a wonderful 10 day vacation on the North Sea coast with my amazing partner. We rented e-bikes for most of the time and biked around 180km all in all. Saw some live seals and tons of birds during our many walks as well! Very relaxing and so so needed...

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