If you are curious about trying out Tenacity before the first release, we have some very early builds (Windows, macOS, Linux, some *BSDs are planned) that can be downloaded here *for the time being*: nightly.link/tenacityteam/tena

We'll eventually replace that link, this is just a temporary link that "mirrors" our latest builds from GitHub Actions.

Alternatively, if you're on Arch Linux, you can just fetch the `tenacity-git` package using your favorite AUR tool: aur.archlinux.org/packages/ten

As we said on Twitter, if you don't feel like dealing with your config being reset, Tenacity messing up your Audacity configurations, God, experimental features or memory allocation mess-ups, we do not recommend using Tenacity for the time being.

Seriously, the first of the two of these things are actually sort of planned. They won't happen if you wait on our release. But, then again, it's nothing really that special.


@tenacity Tenacity is still in alpha. These changes are to expected. The first release will keep it clean.

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