UHU Endfest: Why do a good job in one minute when you can do a worse job that takes two days.


Hat ein Wort einen Namen?

I think reforming rotten institutions from the inside is a very bad idea.
At worst one will not achieve anything other than burnout,
but more commonly one will be used as apologia, propaganda and false counterexample.

Genitalien, angepisst, Presse 

Cissen hört endlich auf genitalangleichende OPs bei Trans*fems, welche MIT Einwilligung geschehen, zur Kontroverse zu stilisieren.
Das sind Vulven, keine Kommentarspalten.

an poetry, public restrooms 

Garbage knee deep in the shitter
it could be worse
it could be glitter

Updated law of software envelopment:
Every software expands until it provides a form of social media.

cursed, TERF 

Morally mandate me out of existence uwu

mh, joke 

Putting the fun in dysfunction.

Do kernel developers take holidays in userland?

TERFs, joke 

Why do so many TERFs fit into an elevator?

Because they can reduce themselves to their genitals.

crotch politics, not serious 

I blame fertile people for the invention of biological sex.

Is a red, strawberry flavored bubblegum more related to a strawberry or an o-ring seal?


cognitive book torture

genital mention, psychoanalysis adjacent, joke 

Sometimes a penis is just a penis.

mh, not related to current situation 

Fast travel exists, and you do it by dissociating while on a train.


The healthcare system is a joke and the doctors are comedians.

trans healthcare, shower thought, smells like a leafblower 

Thing I've noticed:
A Trabant (East German car) and official transgender healthcare have way too much in common.
- Whether you get it (and what that is) is decided by someone else.
- You wait way to long to get it.
- It's hot garbage.
- Noone is really looking to improve on it.


Out: Drawing dicks into the faces of your drunk friends.
In: Stamping iFunny watermarks onto the faces your drunk friends.

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