Greetings from hrmny's lair at @cbase Berlin. is adding the logo of the "Hacker cooperative" @HackerGeno that @ajuvo initiated a few years ago (sadly he's not here tonight and i missed him at )

While the final day of is starting, i'm putting the next onto my laptop. It's from @iFixit, a pioneer company fighting for the right to repair by not only providing guides and toolkits, but also strongly lobbying and supporting the community.

At 14:30, I'll be running a little discussion round titled "Repair for Future" in room erdbeer (3rd floor main building).

Drop by if you'd like to share repair experiences 🛠️

I am at in Berlin today with my friend @_O.This shiny opalescent A-Heart sticker is his original design. It's such a beautiful and subtle decoration for my series!

I wonder what my today's means... I guess it doesn't need much explanation on this service :) I've been using this mastodon handle since 2018 - maybe not as actively as I'd like to, but it's wonderful to see that there's a safe space for nerds like us. Huge gratitude to @rixx and @leah for starting it and keeping it running :fairydust:

This cutie is 's fursona. Ain't nobody got strength to resist these big bedroom eyes :3 I'll happily dedicate the large area for this huge sticker. He's an anarchist Tanuki originally from the US and we first met at Hackerhotel in NL. I can't wait to hang out with him again at the next hacker or furry con!

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🥳 Diesen Freitag ist es so weit – die #BitsundBäume22 geht los!
🤖 🌳 💾 🌲

Über 200 Workshops und Programmbeiträge in 17 Tracks und ein Forum mit Kultur und mehr als 50 Orgas warten auf euch:

🎟️ jetzt noch Tickets sichern:

#BitsUndBäume #BitsUndBaeume

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Sorry that my is very late today, I've been very busy... @c3WOC is short for "Waffle Operation Center" and it just about summarizes why chaos events are superior to any other type of conference.
@l3d I love you 🦄 💞

I can't believe it was already 4 years ago that I took my first steps using - and I still feel like a total novice... but the language really has been an enlightenment in many regards.
Francisco Velazquez brought me this sticker from the Rustfest 2019 - and I finally get to use it (I had the regular one on my old Notebook the whole time) .
He was my valued team mate at Make.TV / LTN until my last day there yesterday but remains a pal and a friend for life!

Today's is my first sticker on the laptop. May I introduce my friend He has an ultracute kemono fursuit which I first met on where he gifted me this sticker of his woosk fursona, donut muzzle included.

Never had I imagined how much fun hacker camps could be, until I slipped into the wonderland of . @VVoidCamp were also a lot of fun and so I was really excited to go to when "meh covid happened". But OMG was @mch2022camp worth the wait!
When I noticed the total lack of any Repairability subjects after their CFP, naturally I had to submit a last-minute talk which luckily was accepted:
That's how I acquired this shiny speaker sticker

I won today's here:
The original design was mausgerutscht by my very dear friend @patagona <3
If the logo reminds you of Antifa, well this is purely coincidental.

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@Repairfox made chocolate pizza! 💚💙

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On EF I made a few friends so... here's one of them. I don't even know how it happened, he just suddenly started appearing nearby.

🐉 @PocketVito
🐲 @LennartDragon
🦊 @Repairfox
📸 @dasgecko

This is from @nextcloud.
Everyone should know it as an open & self hosted file storage cloud solution. My family also uses it to synchronize contacts and calendars on all of our PCs and smartphones with the DAV plugins.
It even supports cooking recipes 👨‍🍳

on this morning adds @entropia, Karlsruhe's hackerspace to my laptop.
I am not a member but have visited their cool space a couple of times. They also organize the yearly Gulaschprogrammiernacht, Germany's second largest chaos event. I probably obtained this pride variant at

Today I have a sticker in the make of warning sign saying "Critical Infrastructure! Please do not hack!".
It was originally designed by my friend @lycian in German for which he later on complemented by an English version. I have a lot of them, ask me if you need one!

If you see these stickers on devices, please respect them - no hacker space is happy about their vending machine being broken into or an assembly's network infrastructure being tampered with.

I'll participate there and title of my submission will be (who would have guessed?) "Repair for future" -
There have been so many new developments since 2019 that the subject has not lost any currentness.
It's big but it I definitely wouldn't miss this one

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I spoke there about synergies between the hacker and repair scene reparatur-festival.runder-tisc and met famous @kwiens.
This year the Fixfest takes place in Bruxelles next weekend, unfortunately the same as the @bitsundbaeume conference in Berlin.

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The next really is something I care very much about: 🛠️ Repairability and the Right to Repair. These stickers are from Fixfest, an international conference held in Berlin in September 2019, the weekend of the big global climate strike with millions of protesters

variant because it's probably the most durable one we got.

The logo is a very clever redesign of Aschaffenburg county code of arms incorporating radio waves, gears and 1 & 0s

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