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Wir sollten mindestens die Gewohnheit staatliche Softwareprojekte als Open Source zu entwickeln aus der COVID-Zeit beibehalten.

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I actually missed the article being published in the ft:pedia, but now it's also on my blog with a more explanation about what fischertechnik is doing in the smart home space:

Neat, local public transport is apparently for 81.5% of the passenger travel hours over capacity in Switzerland...

ForgeFed demo: Federated Merge Requests in Vervis

The UI is (still) not the most appealing. Do you happen to be a FLOSS UI designer? ^_^

But it's federated and it works. Yay, progress!

My funding from NLNet is ending. Applying for more. Possibly with more people in the Forge Federation dev community. Wish me/us luck!


I guess in general, if you have to send me some information by letter I probably don't care about it. Well, except for voting/election stuff, since that only comes by letter.

Maybe also ponder if I really need your app if you have to inform me about it in a letter.

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How am I still receiving letters from service companies to promote their app? Dear companies, if you have an app I should use, tell me in a way that I can just click on the link in the email on my phone ffs. I'm way too lazy to look up your shitty app. Also, no need to tell me about your app by letter more than once. My reading comprehension won't go up.

Kudo’s to on a 7/10 score. 👏 A great step in the right direction, showing progress in the industry.

Sometimes I struggle to separate funk rock dub and surf rock.

So guttenberg blocks are just what if we ported _all_ the infrastructure we created for PHP to React even if there's other ways to do a thing in JS already. Also, let's make it confusing as to how exactly the whole editing and displaying and updating and all that works.

I think that's actually a smart thing to do for FLOSS. Charge a small fee via vendor stores but have a free installer available on your website.

When is the first edge server for the edge of the atmosphere going to launch?

Cursed Debian derivatives:

Denuvian, Debian with built in Denuvo DRM.

How have only learned about Demolition Man recently?

Okay, so the "news and ads" screens in public transportation are going to be absolutely useless for a few days.

NASA scheduled their Artemis stream for September 19th with a title of "Date TBD". I guess that means SLS gets to make another trip to the VAB. Or in other words, Artemis 1 is making sure we won't notice when other parts required for the full mission are late.

And once again we learn, every test you skip before deployment will fail for that release.

...and there goes the countdown... Though I guess it might just be a delay due to the engine not bleeding with normal flow.

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Watching the SLS launch with an expectation of failure. Though I don't want to be surprised by it working correctly either. Systems work by accident way too often.

Ugh, it's been so humid yesterday and today. Sweat just streaming down whenever I dare to move.

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