I swear... If I get another "Sorry. We just need to do one small thing to keep going." from Firefox, I'm switching to Chromium.

It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't only come up when I'm trying to do something... AND if the "Restart Firefox" button ACTUALLY worked.

Seriously, the first warning/notice I get about Firefox needing a restart... is when I try and open a new tab or load a page. Not in the 10 minutes prior, it just waits until I'm trying to do something. Like... responding to a page/alarm at work.

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And then I click "Restart Firefox"... and Firefox closes... and... nothing. Re-open Firefox manually... and hopefully it remembers my tabs (sometimes it doesn't).

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Seriously, this is why I use Chrome at home. I only use Firefox for work. And it drives me crazy all the stupid shit it does (or, rather, doesn't do correctly)

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@brwyatt Do you have Firefox installed via your package manager? My understanding is that this may lead to this issue, else you shouldn't see this.

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@freaktechnik I do, but Google Chrome is installed the same way and handles things correctly (tells me when an update is ready and asks me to restart, without overriding what I'm doing to forcing me to restart)

To my understanding that "overriding" happens when Firefox tries to spawn a new process and the new process is running the new version. There is currently no way to assert compatibility between old and new content processes, so Firefox tells you that it can no longer display webpages (and you should restart). I am not familiar enough with chromium to know how it handles this case.

@freaktechnik All I know, Chrom(e|ium) doesn't stop me from responding to a sev-2 page and then losing all my tabs because there was a pending update. Firefox does. XD

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