FIS im bls RABe 515 027-1 gibt jetzt Auskunft über die Hardware. Die Klimaanlage darunter hat aber auch etwas warm.

There are some international ones with Z-Wave or Zigbee as protocols, which would be great. However, there are also some Swiss made ones that have open APIs but somehow still depend on the cloud (looking at you, myStrom). Lastly, there's this really interesting form factor from Max Hauri. It meshes really well with how we lay out our plugs. Sadly it depends on unencrypted cloud services that send your password MD5 encoded for set up and likely for the timer functions and energy history, too.

My webthing now has a camera that can take a screenshot of it being shown in the gateway ;)

Source for the thing's at

Needs a preview version of the gateway and thing URL adapter to properly preview the image.

The newest calculated line that I could come up with is "Install Rate", visualizing how many people that visit the extension details page also install it:

My Twitch extension insights graphs generator now does some calculating for the total count of installs and linked accounts, giving additional context to absolute daily numbers.

Once GitHub figures out how to do computers again, it should be live at

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