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I wonder, is getting graphviz to do what you actually want considered a dark art?

It stabilized finally. Probably everyone giving up at 22 o'clock because they have to get up tomorrow. Suckers!

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Of course "we will start adding new appointments from 20:00". And now their page is broken because everyone wants to get in...

Now I want a babel transform that adds optional chaining wherever it is valid and not used. Just for the LOLs of using extra bytes.

New JS obsfuscation strategy: unnecessary optional chaining

Did a lot of diving through backups and re-discovered a bunch of lost folders. Even that one hard drive that windows didn't boot from anymore is still readable if you don't care about booting windows.

It's starting to feel like there are more headers than JS code being sent over HTTP.

They say don't roll your own crypto, so l'm only rolling my own jwt handling.

Restraint means when you find a new bug while fixing a bug to create a WIP commit, go to a clean branch, fix the new bug, create a PR for it and then go back to your initial bug. Right?

I also love that they use the thumbnail as a fallback data source and then allow the streamer to enhance the data accuracy.

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By fairly harmless I mean that it doesn't expose additional information that could be used for stream sniping and such. Always a danger with such extensions (or third party overlays you add in your streaming software).

Show thread is the kind of thing that Twitch needs more of. Just simply let the viewer look at help tooltips on their own accord. Not only does it make games more accessible, but it's also fairly harmless. The hard part, of course, is building all the UI synchronisation. Which is why even though pretty much this project has been on my ideas list never made it even to a prototyping stage.

Emails with emoji in the subject are always suspicious. Most communication I get by email that is relevant tends to be emoji free. Most likely because email is more of a long form format, so you rarely want to squish your emotion into a single ambiguous character.

Whoever designed this screen was really good at UX. (this is in Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper)

Easter, because you were starting to run out of chocolate from christmas.

I messed up the upload order and now it's wrong on my @funkwhale frontpage.

Hey guys, Thunderbird is STILL hiring developers. You can help modernize an application used by ~20,000,000 people and growing!

The open source community can make something better than Outlook, but only if folks come and build it.

Rewatching Mr. Robot. Episode 405 is still absolutely outstanding. Well, the entire show is just awesome on another level.

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