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City of Geneva: How do we use Nextcloud in 52 various departments across the country?

"We wanted digital sovereignty and a solution that doesn't change the license over time and doesn't lock us in with crazy fees."

My AVR is refusing to send any sound to bluetooth headphones again. And I don't remember how I fixed that last time. Probably just unplugged it for a hard reboot, but which plug?

Interesting concept (tl;dr fairphone modularity but a laptop), let's hope they manage to stick around long enough for upgrades to actually happen.

Github's API docs have never been great, but the new docs page makes it even worse by mixing end-user and API reference documentation. Oh you're looking for things about "security alerts", why don't we show you all the security alert end-user documentation in search results then.

My node-red instance exists long enough now that it looks like a pasta bowl in most flows.

How to keep malicious actors out:


This Week in Matrix features news about Matrix in Thunderbird, IRC bridging, a neat NeoChat update, plus Hydrogen, nheko, heisenbridge and much, much more! #twim #matrix #decentralisation

Hey @elementary any idea why the audio sinks from pulseaudio-dlna don't show up in the audio outputs list? They work just fine with pavucontrol

The issue with digital ticketing are the backend servers it relies on.

So worth it. Thumbnails now load. Things can happen in parallel!

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Finally set up a PostgreSQL database for my nextcloud instance. So much better than sqlite. The migration only took like a day. SQLite is so fast.

Working alongside @commownfr, The Phone Coop, @Fairphone @telecoop & @wetell, we're excited to announce the launch of @fairtecEU.
We are working together to create a more responsible way of operating in the digital world.
Join us ➡️ :

#fairphone #fairtec

Did a lot of looking into ActivityPub yesterday. Also got a bit more of a plan of how I want to solve home automation in my place.

I dreamt that for cooking and baking you had to use the proper pokémon element matchups for optimal taste.

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