*buys designer dissociatives on the darknet, falls down stairs*

ywn be in an apache shooting up t-72s streaming through the fulda gap

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Hey everyone! We have set up a Space, where you can find all rooms (bridged to IRC and Rocket) and their streams neatly tied together. Check it out


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Honestly this is what today feels like

the information super highway is here to stay

What is it about beer that gives me the shit? It take usuallys no more than 10 minute before I feel it. I have tried drinking gluten free and I still gets that diarrhea :-(

first @tedcruz became a cereal killer, then he took Texas' electricity away during the winter, now he's also a communist for getting vaccinated

Imagine how awesome the Craig movies would have been if they had had Paddington being the tech guy at MI5 with no one commenting on how weird it was that he was a talking bear.

freeside is a free haven for conspiracy believing, bleach injecting, horse paste eating, iodine gargling crackpots

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