Yes, there *will* be a freeside meetup at - you know who you are.

Ah, yes. 👆 The incoherent🤷‍♂️ babbling 🙄 of an internet fool 🤪 using his slang and acronyms🤦‍♂️. How disgraceful 🤭 he is indeed🤔. I have no idea 😐 how to even speak 🗣 this language💬. This plebian tongue 👅. Please🙏 reply to me with a translation🔀 of this terrible😖 comment

You can't make Lincolnshire sausages in Yorkshire - it's just not right.

For me, it's . The best fast shitposting channel.

Thank you everyone, new friends and old, for making amazing. Somehow it keeps getting better every year. See you all at and!

finna drop fat stacks on whiskeyleaks any requests on a bottle? anon irc server is now on a more stable machine, come and join!

RT @AlizTheHax0r
I got my Adafruit 'NeoTrellis' running like a colour picker - it gives a load of colours then you can press the one you want :D
only drawback - some LEDs are RGB, some are GBR, sooo.. not 100% accurate!

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