Ah, yes. 👆 The incoherent🤷‍♂️ babbling 🙄 of an internet fool 🤪 using his slang and acronyms🤦‍♂️. How disgraceful 🤭 he is indeed🤔. I have no idea 😐 how to even speak 🗣 this language💬. This plebian tongue 👅. Please🙏 reply to me with a translation🔀 of this terrible😖 comment

You can't make Lincolnshire sausages in Yorkshire - it's just not right.

For me, it's . The best fast shitposting channel.

Thank you everyone, new friends and old, for making amazing. Somehow it keeps getting better every year. See you all at @fosdem@twitter.activitypub.actor and @emfcamp@twitter.activitypub.actor!

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finna drop fat stacks on whiskeyleaks

@scotconsulate@twitter.activitypub.actor any requests on a bottle?

shitpost.online anon irc server is now on a more stable machine, come and join!

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I got my Adafruit 'NeoTrellis' running like a colour picker - it gives a load of colours then you can press the one you want :D
only drawback - some LEDs are RGB, some are GBR, sooo.. not 100% accurate!

we got LEDs because that's what the body needs. Some powered via a Cisco switch(!) courtesy of @AlizTheHax0r

is our third Congress 🖤
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With the help of @HackersCurator we have some awesome stickers at the @freeside_irc assembly...and we're also right next to the sticker box... ;)

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