I guess humble bundle had a good bundle again...

(They have gotten pretty rare)

I bought two hardware 2FA tokens, only no find out that android needs google services to use them...
Guess I'll use hardware tokens for computer and stay with TOTP for my phone.

Who needs keyboard shortcuts to change your display brightness, when you can have keyboard shortcuts to change your ceiling light brightness?

I just saw a cheap android tablet advertised as "6GB RAM, 128GB ROM"...
Wonder what they want to do with all that ROM.

Hello Fediverse!

Do you know about any good linux-compatible tablets out there?

Linux doesn't need to be preinstalled.

The PineTab seems to be always out of stock.

Boosts welcome :boost_ok:

When will I finally remember to close PyCharm before playing computer games, so I won't run out of memory?

ivanceras/svgbob: Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG github.com/ivanceras/svgbob

How many more days until crypto crashes to zero and I can buy a cheap, second-hand GPU?

Sometimes my Arch Linux just decides that my sudo password is now suddenly incorrect until I reboot...

And it definitely isn't caps lock or anything like that. It's also incorrect when I copy & paste it.


This week in German politics:
Who will run for chancellor? The incompetent one or the Bavarian one?

I managed to desolder a 24 pin arduino and only ripped three pads in the process. That's good. Right?

Which shift key do you use?

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How do you type?

Built my first keyboard yesterday. Now to relearn typing...

I wrote two exams yesterday and have another one coming up on Tuesday. Isn't university great..?

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