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Apparently the state government of the German state I live in is now officially on Mastodon. Didn't expect that to happen. But glad it did.


Discover This Incredible Way To Train Your Turkey To Deliver Pizzas

Happy new year (A few hours late. I know 😉)!

I was celebrating with 3000 people from 68 countries at for the last few days, where apparently people can just leave their phones lying around without supervision and not have them stolen

It's interesting how those 5 languages all have totally different words for Christmas.

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Merry Christmas, frohe Weihnachten, feliz navidad, god jul and 圣诞快乐 everyone!

My programming paradigms professor decided to shorten the prolog part of the lecture and instead add a rust past, which is cool I guess

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I gave up on solving all of advent of code in Haskell.

I used prolog for today's riddle...

Computer science professor: Functional programming languages are great because there are no side effects

Also computer science professor: Outputting text to the screen is a side effect

I tried to set up pihole on my network, but the ISP provided router doesn't support changing the DNS server...

Partial solution: Disable DHCP on the router and use pihole as DHCP server.

Works for IPv4, but the router also doesn't allow turning of DHCPv6

Might be time to buy my own router

I decided to learn how the udev hwdb configuration works.

In other news: I now have a super key on my mouse...

tired: microSD to SD-Card adapter
wired: using a DJI drone as microSD to USB adapter to read the microSD from a GoPro

(real story...)

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