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@frommMoritz Counterpoint: maintaining your own platforms is inefficient and a significant barrier to entry. Collectivise our platforms and don’t allow them to be used to extract profit.

@ghost_bird It isn't practical to host every single services yourself. E.g. if I'd setup my own mastodon instance just for me it's pretty inefficient. But for example A blog is something you super easily can host yourself and that's worth hosting

@frommMoritz Even if you just rent a VM and an domain name, that’s still significantly more effort and cost than setting up an account on someone else’s server. Which is why blog hosting services came along almost as soon as blogging got popular.

@ghost_bird For me the rational is like this: I pay 5€ for my VPS with 8gb of RAM, 200GB SSD. I have enough resources to just pop in many services and h ost myself. My data, my server.

And, at least for me, the effort is part of the experience. I want to learn and effort is part of learning

@frommMoritz And that’s cool. But in general, I think networked platforms are important enough that we should be finding ways to increase access, not reduce it.

@frommMoritz (I don’t mean to be too negative here - the basic impulse is good - but I think there’s an unexamined element of tech elitism in “own your platforms”.)

Counterpoint to counterpoint:
A community goes bad (in your own opinion).
What do you do?
Leave and start all over again?
How do you pack your things and go?
You should always have the option of backing up your contributions.
Don't jump blindly into it.

@syntaktis @frommMoritz That's an excellent point, but I don't think it's incompatible with what I'm suggesting. (I'm an anarchist, so I'm suggesting a diverse ecosystem of collectives, not The People's Blog Platform.)

@frommMoritz gosh when you put it like that, why doesn't everyone just own their own house too?

@scanlime I would be more comfortable if we'd own the flat we live in 🤷

@frommMoritz yeah but what use is telling a bunch of renters "gosh it'd be better if you owned all this instead"

@scanlime @frommMoritz the big difference is that the problems rent causes are felt by renters directly, whereas loss of privacy is not, which is why it should be talked about

@frankiezafe @frommMoritz @xuv @Ludi oui j'avais déjà vu :D la page est super jolie mais sans guider les gens vers comment owner leur platform ça me semble pas très constructif :p

@yhancik @frommMoritz @xuv @Ludi pas certain que c'est une bonne idée de la recette du "comment dégoogleliser internet en 3 clicks", dans le sens où un tuto va nécessairement induire des urls, les choix de l'auteur, etc., alors que la volonté est surtout de ne pas-reproduire les autoroutes des majors - pas simple, clairement...

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