@kura @frommMoritz So you see the flatmates every day. Should not be too hard to drop WhatsApp then. ;)

@Kajo @marco @frommMoritz

email is used but for more important things. whatsapp is for short announcements and the likes. cant really get out of it, unless i wanna miss on near-term things. also inner flat things are called there.

so unless you can make 7 people switch, including the landlord who is around 60, it will never happen.

also if we switch, he most likely wants to switch the other flats he rents out too. no way thats going to happen. not everyone here has a mind of security or privacy. some ppl are fine presenting their life on facebook without worries.

@kura @frommMoritz @Kajo I see no reason to be in a WhatsApp group with my landlord. Usually, they write letters with announcements. And the flatmates can give a call if they need a piece of butter and 4 eggs for the evening. ;)

Bonus: "switch" means: go to play store and install Signal. Should not be too hard. He did it with WhatsApp and probably downloaded other apps too.

well. feel free to convince him.
Also why Signal? whatsapp is nothing but signal with custom servers. so eh I prefer not to
@frommMoritz @Kajo

Since the beginning of the thread, you seem to be somebody who searches for problems, not solutions. If you simply try to convince them, you have a chance to succeed. You decided to go the convenient path (stick with the status quo) and not discuss with them. Ok.

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@frommMoritz @Kajo

yes I am taking the convenient route.
the problem is that not everyone 8s here at all times. 2 ppl are 9nly here one week per month if at all. some are sleeping over the day.
also I tried to convince others over the past. it's always the same. "all my friends use whatsapp" or "it's like what'sapp so there is no difference".
give me a reason I can tell non nerds to switch away from whatsapp.
privacy isn't a good one, because they have "nothing to hide". and especially in this context the other answer is that nothing important is shared.
I have whatsapp background service disabled so I have to manually check for messages, but trying to convince others to switch is hard. sth I'm not keen 9n wasting 5ime, especially if I'm not spending much time anyway.

Also the 9nly real viable alternative is xmpp, signal is another entity that controls you with a central server.
@frommMoritz @Kajo
@frommMoritz steps to delete whatsapp:
1. Persuade you family to use something else
2. Uninstall whatsapp

Sadly I'm still on step 1

@dyske @frommMoritz
Managed to convert > 80% that way :)
Probably depends on how much your contacts like you though ...

@dyske @frommMoritz
Just get enough of your peers on alternative platforms and continue with step 2. Has worked pretty well for me ...

@frommMoritz I cannot, as I have no access to their servers.

And my Siemens phone won't install it to remove it directly afterwards.

@frommMoritz I convinced my mother to install Signal today. She doesn't grasp the concept of data protection at all. So I offered her something different. I disabled the read indicator (blue checkmarks) in WhatsApp and she started complaining about it. I told her to install Signal because I have the read indicator enabled there. It's all about offering the right things to the right people.

@frommMoritz has i done many years ago

you are welcome 😜

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