#Signal has technical problems. Seems like the ecosystem is moving ... away from usable :D



@gcrkrause Did they just learn that everything centralized isn't the greatest idea ever?

@gcrkrause But.... But... then only a small subset would have failed? And like with features, do I need giphy? That's a feature I wouldn't be mad if not implemented.

@frommMoritz features like encryption are not possible in distributed systems, look at email. it just does not work!!!!!11111

And of course everyone needs gyphy. Moving images is what the internet is made for.

(just quoting moxie here in a very truncated way :P)

@frommMoritz and to be fair, its most likely not the case that the service is unavailable everywhere, they might have some kind of distribution under the hood.

Centralization does not automatically makes it harder to maintain high availability, the problem is the power distribution

@frommMoritz They have expirinced it but I would doubt that they have learned anything from it. @gcrkrause

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