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- The default Mastodon theme with minor mods: Columns are a bit wider than by default, and they don't shrink beyond a certain point, preferring to add horizontal scrolling.
- The default Mastodon light theme
- The default Mastodon high contrast theme
- A variation on the default theme where the available columns grow to fill the screen.

(More on themes to come later.)

Wir haben aufgeschrieben, wie sich bislang finanziert, und wie wir uns die Zukunft vorstellen.
tl;dr: So ihr spenden wollt, tut es vorerst an Leahs PayPal-Account unter
We wrote a blog post about how finances worked so far, and how we want to handle things in the future:
tl;dr: For now, donations should go to Leah's PayPal at has grown rapidly last week. To allow things to settle, we'll keep the registrations closed and invites off for now. We'll enable user invites again as soon as we feel that a new influx won't hurt the local community too much. Stay tuned for a blog post on the topic.

If you want to join a German instance, consider, if you're looking for an anarchist one, have a look at If you/your friend *need* to be here, send a mail to contact@.

"I want more PoC in my timeline" - ich verstehe soetwas nicht obwohl ich selbst PoC bin. Ich meine wozu soetwas kategorisieren? Huh?

The #Fediverse is not a secure messenger. 

Mastodon doesn't claim to be and is transparent about it. Evil instance admins could extract your DMs from the database and therefore are technically able to read them.

The same fact is true for most messengers, email, SMS, Twitter, Google Hangouts, Skype, Riot, IRC…

Private and confidential conversations require a platform with *mandatory end-to-end encryption*. Social media and most messengers are technically incapable to protect your privacy.

Because of an influx of another 200 accounts after our decision to close the public registration only via invites I've decided to emergency disable all registrations. Even the invites. We will discuss this situation and further steps as admin team tomorrow.

wow - sudden influx of Twitter refugees \o/

Welcome to Mastodon and!
This instance is being run by @leah and @rixx, the "official" account is @ordnung

A few newbie tips:
* Toots can only be searched by hashtags, not by any word (anti harassment feature afaik)
* CWs are a thing here - not only for warning, but for keeping timelines a little less cluttered
* Introducing yourself is welcome here :)
* I most likely forgot something and will add it later ;-)

My least favorite part about new folks logging in is the DM panic.

“Oh no, my DMs are unencrypted and can be read by the instance moderators and admins.”

“... just like every other social platform you’ve ever used, plus most email platforms.”

“Well, yeah, but on those other platforms the admins are a team of underpaid entry level employees at a faceless company, not a single person or small group of individuals that’s I can get to know”


Kurzer Hinweis für alle die ihr hier neu seid. Guckt euch bitte auch unsere Regeln unter an, damit wir uns hier alle wohl fühlen können.

Wie kann ich bei Mastodon diese CNs disablen? 🙄

Wow, habe garnicht realisiert, wie viel hier auf Mastodon abgeht :D ohai ihr Menschen! \o

Möchte wer was mit der Domain anfangen. Frage für jemanden der mal zu betrunken war.

Ansage an die lokale Timeline (inklusive Aufzählung potentieller CW-Themen) 

Liebe lokale Timeline,

bitte steckt eure Toots in eine Content Warning, wenn ihr auf Dinge hinweist, die andere vielleicht belasten können.
Dazu zählen zum Beispiel: Politik, Tod, Drogen (legal und illegal), Missbrauch, NSFW-Dinge, und viele weitere Sachen, die mit traumatischen Erlebnissen verknüpft sein können.

Ihr macht damit die Timeline zu einem besseren Ort, und deshalb sind wir doch hier!

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