Share this information with any friends that still use Windows 7. The more people we get using #freesoftware the better


@poperigby @carl Sorry, that’s not a good way to convert Windows users. For practical reasons, read this:

On top, consider Windows 7 users the lesser tech-savvy. And it’s not the design that is hindering them to migrate to Linux. I especially don’t think that advertising a concrete desktop rather than a distro is wise.

@frumble @poperigby
There are some plans to provide an iso with the theme preinstalled based on Feren OS and I need to say, I'm opposed to it since this means using a small distribution without any support as base. Other plan are to provide an easy to install global theme for it. There are some licensing problems too (some theme components don't have a license file). And the widget style use the GTK2 theming engine for Qt.


@carl @poperigby I wouldn't invest in this further. It’s like I’ve said before: It’s not the design why they are holding onto their Windows 7. The window decoration isn’t a relevant factor at all for these groups.

@frumble @poperigby Just from the promo view, this articles made:

* r/kde 270 upvotes 47 comments
* r/linux 1277 upvotes 480 comments
* twitter 250 RT 560 like 18 comments
* had an increase of x60 in visits
* had an increase of x1.4 in visits.

And also some other articles about it were written in the press.

But I have no idea for the most important metric: how many Windows user read the article and switchd to Linux and Plasma :(

@carl @poperigby C'mon, upvotes on Reddit and RTs on Twitter are just we nerds in our bubbles. ;)

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