Sooooo. I loved my pretty (and cheap) micro usb cables from flying tiger. Especially that shiny green 2 m long one that could reach any corner of my bed. But reading about USB-C, it sounds like for my new phone, buying anything other than a well known expensive brand that has a ton of reviews about the exact thing I am going to use it for is kind of dangerous to all devices involved. Did I get that right? What are your usb-c recs? (I think @gRuFtY once said she knows usb-c things?)


@catte yes. I can either drop you a link or take some time in the course of this week to explain what I found out. The article I'd link is rather long and contains lots of history and stuff that you'd probably not need right now. Which do you prefer?

(It doesn't fully cover the discussion of "quick Charge vs. Power Delivery" - tl;dr for that: if you're device uses Quick Charge, get cables and chargers that do so as well. If not, don't. Usually mixing those to will only result in low loading speed, but apparently it can cause damage with cheap cables)

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