So remember that I said I'm not sure if I take one or two weeks off of streaming?
It's two.

No stream today. But I'll be back next week and will finally go back to doing game dev on my channel! :)
I'm looking forward to it!


Until then, I've got a question for y'all:
What are some underrated games that didn't have a strong focus on violence while still telling a great story? (Undertale isn't really underrated but would otherwise count)
And what are some unconventional metroidvanias you like?

And if you've got a game in mind but aren't sure if it's underrated/unconventional enough: it probably is :)

@lara never heard of that :o I'll have a look! :)

The stillness of the wind
Scanner Sombre (I think)
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

if you only mean violence as a mechanic, otherwise nooo:
Return of the obra dinn

Where the Water tastes like Wine
80 Days

Forgotten Classics:
A Mind forever voyaging
Starfall (Not the Strategy game)
( has this and all other Infocom Classics)

And if Steampunk Horror is ok:
Slouching towards Bedlam
(This is free in the If-Archive, which itself is a great source of story heavy games (textadventures)

@gRuFtY A little late, and don‘t know if underrated, but I can whole heartly recommend most Adventures from Wadjet Eye Games.
(A golden Wake didn‘t hit my spot)

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