@gcrkrause Yeah, though hardly anybody watches my videos there :) It's really symbolic. But I guess there has to be content on the platfrm before people will go there. @ChrisWere Seems to be publishing a lot to PeerTube. How is that working for you, Chris?

@unfa @gcrkrause I'm of the same mind. My videos on PeerTube get some views and comments, but it's a big step down from YouTube.

I do it mostly to give people a non-Google option as well as to bring attention to YT alternatives.

The real challenge to YouTube is not the technical/hosting aspects of online video, but rather the discoverability aspect.

@ChrisWere @gcrkrause

Regarding discoverability - I wonder if it's only my problem, but I cannot ever find my own videos on PeerTube. Only having a link allows me to find what I want, whuile on YouTube if I know the name of the creator I can find this.
It's like there isn't a complete catalogue available anywhere - it's the instances sharing other's instances stuff, but this is very selective and usually I can't get what I want.
Is this what you meant?

@unfa @gcrkrause Not necessarily.

On YouTube if you put out interesting videos, they'll likely get picked up and discovered by people who have had no previous knowledge of your content.

For example, 75% of my YouTube views come from non-subscribers. That's not the case with PeerTube where most of my content is viewed by people who already know me.

@ChrisWere @unfa Doesnt peertube has something like hastags?

These kind of discovery needs user tracking for the algorithms, which is what we dont want (or do we?)

@gcrkrause @unfa It's not an easy question to answer. Viewers want to be able to discover content and creators want their content to be viewed.

I personally don't have a problem with YouTube using my view history to recommend new videos to me, but I can only speak for myself here.

@ChrisWere @unfa @gcrkrause one thing I've been interested in doing involves holding a survey for PeerTube content creators to fill out, with information on where their channels are, and what they're making.

It would ultimately serve as a rudimentary directory for users to find channels to subscribe to. I think something like that could help bootstrap the early PeerTube community into something where creators and viewers can get connected together.

@sean sounds like a cool idea, let me know if you need help with that.

@gcrkrause @ChrisWere @unfa

@unfa If its not too much overhead its a great contribution to the network :) And at least I am following you there now, but this Video I already know :D

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