Looking for people that organized scientific conferences (including something resembling poster sessions) online. What tool(s) did you use? How was your setup? What went well and what would you do differently next time? Boosts greatly appreciated.

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@VictorVenema @gecko This is another way to do the poster session on Twitter.

I am not organizer of either conference, so you would have to ask them for details. Often digital poster sessions are simply short talks.

@gecko some folks from my instance organised #SummerSchool not too long ago - @/ and @/; either might be able/willing to offer help

@noctiluca @gecko hi !! summer school wasn't specifically scientific but we let each presenter host their own talk using zoom or jitsi-- whichever they preferred. we had some low key moderation but it was a small event so we didn't rly run into much trouble besides having to mute peoples audio occasionally, afaik. talks were scattered over the course of two weeks. it went pretty alright!

more info here: #SummerSchool +

@gecko next time:

- dont organize over masto dms.
- we had some issues w/ time zones, 12am is a confusing time + daylight savings is annoying
- make mod guidelines more clear?
- a cleaner method for signups-- we closed signups before talks started and had people asking for meeting links via dms bc they hadn't signed up in time
- zoom kinda sucks, consider using jitsi instead?

i'm blanking on anything else? @Cyborgneticz probs also has thoughts

@gecko @Cyborgneticz
jitsi addendum:

in jitsi everyone has mute/kick powers. privacy is a bit more complicated than zoom (on the main instance especially). jitsi doesn't have breakout rooms. recording is via dropbox, not saved locally to the recorder's machine (may be different if you're using the app instead of the browser version)

i prefer jitsi, i find it easier to use in almost every way and we ran into waaaay more trouble with zoom

@cxli @gecko have more than two people as core organizers, really. That's my big addition. Pandemic exhaustion is real and try to factor that in

@cxli @noctiluca @gecko Big Blue Button would be a good alternative for Jitsi. It was made for this kind of thing and is also open source and self-hosted.

The annual meetings of the Max Planck Sustainability Network and S4F both used #BigBlueButton, you can find more details on our wiki:

Heard a great idea: for presentations, have the speaker pre-record it. Then during the session, play the video and have the speaker interact with the audience via chat. Better production value/less potential for tech issues AND more interactive.

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