I found it! The only valid use case for !

Image hidden because of description of online sexual assault.

it's called suckless not because it sucks less but because it sucks and is less

DIE PARTEI wieder exakt genau so scheisse wie man es mittlerweile erwartet.

in order to view these images you have to install Windows 11 and then download a docker container with a Node.js server that you connect to using the latest version of chrome that renders the image to a canvas. you cant view the image locally since that would violate a same-origin policy, but thankfully the rendering is done remotely on a google GPU somewhere in the cloud, using a new standard called 'WebGPUThatsSomewhereInTheCloud' which is already obsolete and has been replaced with 'WebPCI-e'

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when you download an image from the web these days, instead of a PNG or a JPEG, you get one of these new formats which is 8% more efficient, not compatible with any "pre-covid software" and has a name which sounds like

High Information Format Format
j-eggings Layer 6
ProRes ProxyGold (Grain Profile)
Radiance XML
WebX 2000

@frumble Claudia kennt das auch nicht. In Paris benutzt das keiner. Wir benutzen das nicht.

Idee: Kostenpflichtige Mastodon-Instanz auf app.net

Falls der Kobold keine Freude mehr bereitet, empfehlen wir das hier:

Wir sind so links, wir lassen uns von der GLS-Bank bezüglich unserer Anlagemöglichkeiten beraten.

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