@dino is working with #libhandy to make its #xmpp client adaptive!

Probably at early stages of developement, but it definitely already look pretty and usable on mobile :)

Kudos to you for making Dino adaptive, guys!


@thibaultamartin @dino
jep it is sadly that @purism stopped to spent time on a client (based on libpurple).

So it is really nice to here that, we will have a alternative in the future ;)

@genofire Well @purism didn't stop working on their XMPP client :)

They are actively working on their "chatty" app, which is a SMS/XMPP app.

See the last commit by Purism's Andrea about releasing the 0.1.9 version was only 3 days ago


@genofire We also often say "free as in free speech, not in free beer". Free software development is not free of charge!

If you can afford it, I strongly recommend to support @purism 's efforts by buying a Librem 5. If you have spare time and the ability to do so, you can also work on the ecosystem :)

@thibaultamartin @purism okay it is a little bit unfair, there are still some xmpp relates commits - but but the Short Message are main feature of this app.

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