I really like to open an issue on for the android-app.

I would like to have multiple peers (some with the same publickey but different endpoints - e.g. IPv6 and IPv4 address - instatt of DNS-Entry), and an toggle to disable or enable the peers on demand.

It is really enojing to delete and add peers.

maybe @fdroidorg has an short contact - the mailinglist of is a little but much and not easy to read archiv

@genofire @fdroidorg
You could make a shared PK-file for all your peers and distribute it (via ansible, http, or whatever). Using the same PK for multiple entities is frowned upon and should never be necessary nor convenient.

@inj4n @fdroidorg i am talking about the android app and the possibility to easy toggle peers (which are the same-machine just with different endpoint-address like an ipv6- and an ipv4-adresse)

@inj4n @fdroidorg

Nope, just an way to easy change the endpoint-address to the same VPN / Machine

Then I understand even less. Different address, different PK. No one has to know that those are the same machine. If you locally flip-flop them, you can even use the same internal IP address without collision.
Difference between swapping address and swapping address plus key seems not relevant. If you already have different addresses, why do they have to have the same PK (which is nonetheless only used for access control — not further identification of communication items)?


@inj4n Another use case is, that you have multiple VPN-Gateways and you do not like to have an connection establish to all gateways - just to an selected one

But to delete the configuration to all others peers on the android-app could be annouying.
Also to add peers again, if you change your mind/restriction/country/network with firewall ....

I just like to have an easy way to enable and disable peers in the android app without to remove it.

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