Hmm, meine -Clients mit @unifiedpush über ziehen mehr Strom, als meine Clients (wobei ich 3x soviele Account und in mindestens 20x so vielen MUCs bin).

Ich hoffe jemand implementiert bald @unifiedpush über
für Android als Distributor z.B. als MAXS-Modul:

Provider/Gateway-Komponente gibt es ja bereits, eigenlob:

The first beta version of an @unifiedpush PushSystem is running.

A free PushGateway is running under

The Source Code is here:

ATM only a DBUS / Linux Distribution exists - maybe we find somebody, how writes one for Android

A big thank to @karmanyaahm and @mellium

PS: It is not perfect yet, we are still working on some more privacy and functionality

there is also a nice bot:

Try it out with: (no guarantee of demo)

< help
> register
> Register to messages regarding a coordinate
> unregister
> Unregister from messages regarding a coordinate
> list
> List active registrations
> help
> Show available commands

< list
> No active registrations.

< register 52.51704, 13.38792
> Successfully registered to coordinates 52.51704, 13.38792

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