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the fucking power LED on this mixer board uses more power than the mic does

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"On 10 April, astrophysicists announced that they had captured the 1st ever image of a #blackhole.

No headlines mentioned that the image would have been impossible without open-source software: #Matplotlib, a #Python library for graphing data.

Just 5 days later, the NSF rejected a grant to support that ecosystem, saying that the software lacked sufficient impact.

#opensource is widely acknowledged as crucially important in science, yet it is funded non-sustainably."

Just installed thelounge, ditching matrix bridges in favor of it (at least in the near future, maybe not quite yet)

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Wer der Meinung ist, dass Seenotrettung wie im Falle von Rackete bestraft werden sollte, möge mir bitte entfolgen. Menschenrechte sind nicht diskutabel.

honestly though, i should probably sleep. good night fediverse!

It's 12:49 AM in my timezone right now. I decided to finally learn swift. Why? Well, I'd say @slice is to blame (but in a positive way). It's been on my list for ages now, but after looking at a project he's been working on, I was amazed at how nice mac app dev seems to be with swift.

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@rnickson IMO any company that shuts down their DRM servers should be legally required to distribute the keys and/or a tool to remove their own DRM

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patreon, request for instance cost crowdfunding 


Lockpicking is so much fun... Just visited one of the monthly meetings of in the @muccc chaos space

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it's pride month which means we oppress straight cisgendereds even more than usual

Long time no toots. Here's what happened in the meanwhile, in chronological order:
1. I finished exams. Finally.
2. I went on senior trip with all of my class, and it was amazing.
3. I graduated the past Saturday. In fucking Confucius Temple in Beijing.

Yes, that's pretty much it. I'm fucking done with school, on to university. I'm incredibly happy about finally being done.

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* Also so prinzipiell feiern «normale» Menschen dieses Jubiläum, außer halt Schwule (§175), trans Personen (TSG), inter Personen (OPs ohne Einwilligung), Menschen mit Behinderung (lange kein Wahlrecht), Schwangere, die abtreiben wollen (§219),…

Finally Weekend. Exams will continue on Monday, but I'm done Friday. Next week I've got Physics (Option), Chem and French

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I can’t believe what I’m seeing! While running a facial recognition pilot, one man (understandably imho) covered himself up. The police forced him to show his face (& then fined him for disorderly conduct). This is dangerous & terrifying.


Good morning fediverse, I'm on my way to another exam right now. Urgh

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Gerade hat es wohl in einem Nachbarshaus einen kleinen Zimmerbrand gegeben. War spannend zuzusehen (war in der Wohnung also nicht im weg) wie die Rettungskräfte agiert haben. Niemandem ist etwas passiert.

In dem Sinne mal ein allgemeines Danke an die Rettungskräfte die für uns da sind! 👩‍🚒🚒 🚑

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