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the fucking power LED on this mixer board uses more power than the mic does

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"On 10 April, astrophysicists announced that they had captured the 1st ever image of a #blackhole.

No headlines mentioned that the image would have been impossible without open-source software: #Matplotlib, a #Python library for graphing data.

Just 5 days later, the NSF rejected a grant to support that ecosystem, saying that the software lacked sufficient impact.

#opensource is widely acknowledged as crucially important in science, yet it is funded non-sustainably."

Just installed thelounge, ditching matrix bridges in favor of it (at least in the near future, maybe not quite yet)

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b) aaaaaaaaaaa I just realized that I never continued to write my first blog post

@shadowfacts most likely just a mastodon problem though.

@shadowfacts sooo i just tried to comment, and while I'm pretty sure that I'm getting a valid activitypub json when CURLing the webpage (with accept header), but when I put the post URL into mastodon, I don't get any results. Weirdly enough, i can follow though.

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Wer der Meinung ist, dass Seenotrettung wie im Falle von Rackete bestraft werden sollte, möge mir bitte entfolgen. Menschenrechte sind nicht diskutabel.

honestly though, i should probably sleep. good night fediverse!

It's 12:49 AM in my timezone right now. I decided to finally learn swift. Why? Well, I'd say @slice is to blame (but in a positive way). It's been on my list for ages now, but after looking at a project he's been working on, I was amazed at how nice mac app dev seems to be with swift.

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@rnickson IMO any company that shuts down their DRM servers should be legally required to distribute the keys and/or a tool to remove their own DRM

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